Headshots Taken At HomeHeadshots Taken At Home
Headshots Taken At Home With A Mobile Phone While Working From Home

Are your staff working from home

And need a new Headshot?



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Working From Home Headshots Work From Home Headshots

We post to your staff our Home Headshot Kit and they take a photos on a phone at home.

The photographs are then sent to us and we add our professional post-processing.

Hybrid Working from home is the Future

In the before times, companies had long toyed with the idea of letting their staff work from home on a full or part time basis, the global Covid pandemic turned this into a reality.
Whilst the pandemic is no longer forcing us to work from home research shows that the majority of workers wish to continue to work from home at least some of the time. Hybrid home and office working is here to stay.

Corporate Headshots

Businesses still need to be run as before and this also includes having corporate headshots taken of new employees for websites, intranet and public relations – but how is this possible when staff are spread all around the country? We have the solution – that works!

We have developed and refined our own unique process whereby all your staff can take an image of themselves from the safety and comfort of their own home by using one of our Home Headshot Kits and a mobile phone.